Design & Inspiration Today: written words

The simplest pleasure in life is beautifully written correspondence, created with a beautiful writing instrument.

An artist relies on the feel and flow of the pen to channel imagination into reality.  I love my collection of

rapidiograph, and mechanical pen & pencil sets to inspire and realize my art, illustration and prose each day.

Dromgooles is a hidden gem in Houston for beautiful and unique writing instruments.

I find great pleasure in using beautiful tools.

Here are two examples that are truly inspirational from my

collection of worldly pens, pencils, brushes and the like.

C O L L E C T O R S  E D I T I O N

This set was a gift from Steve Minatra - his Dad was a 40 year career pro 

in the Stationers Business in Memphis Tennessee.

It is the crowning jewel of my massive collection of beloved tools of my trade - the #rapidiograph 

My antique Liberty china cabinet is the repository for my writing and drawing instruments.

I N S P I R A T I O N A L   D U O

I am a collector of authentic #Disneyana since high school.

My office is shelved with a vast collection of vintage Disney items and Disney art books.

These whimsical pens are true joy to write with and adore.


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