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Design & Inspiration Today: It's a First for Houston

Growing up in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, and spending time every chance I could exploring the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, Stanislaus National Forest, Lake Tahoe and  Yosemite --- Trees are part of the DNA of our very existence here on earth. The best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago, the next best time is Today.  It is with absolute joy that the hard work and steadfast commitment of amazing neighbors and friends - members of  Heights Urban Forestry in our historic Heights neighborhood- achieved the City Of Houston's first designation for protection of mature Trees.  The trees on Yale were first planted by the community in 1987.  It takes time for Heights Trees to Reach their Prime.   On Wednesday, June 22nd, with support from Council Member Cohen, City Council unanimously approved Houston’s first Green Corridor for Yale Street from the intersection of Yale at 6th Street to the intersection of 19th Street.   The Yale Street Green Corridor is 1.6 miles long and

design & inspiration today : Mickey Rosmarin

Mickey Rosmarin was one of a kind.  He was a visionary and dreamer who realized possibility. As my mentor - he was the champion of guiding me to see what was seemingly impossible - be possible.  Mickey championed talent.  He was  uncompromising in his pursuit of perfection -- and achieved his lofty ideas through thoughtful materials, simple implementations, hard work and charm.  Mickey recognized potential -- and drove me to creative achievement  that stretched my skill set, expanded my imagination, and made me realize my dreams. Mickey was uncompromising - set impossible deadlines -- insurmountable  goals -- but always had the remarkable intuition to be way ahead of the curve -- in everything he undertook. Highland Village was Mickey's incubator for amazing ideas and revolutionary design - from his taking a chance on the very first collections by Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, to dance parties and fashion shows in his fashion palaces to Amazing windows celebratin