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design & inspiration today: Shiny and Brite

SHINY-BRITE ~ America’s Most Nostalgic Christmas Ornaments By Robert C. Runge Jr. ​ Originally published in the December 2013 Busy Bee Trader   So many things remind us of fond childhood holiday memories and the thrilling anticipation of Christmas. For some of us, the ANTICIPATION was the best part of the entire holiday season! All through autumn we would begin suffering those little twinges until finally, on a day in early December when the Firestone Christmas albums begin to play on the stereo Mother lets us accompany her to the attic to retrieve the decorations! The first whiff of those cartons is intoxicating ~ the intermingling fragrance of ancient paper and cardboard mixed with bits of dried evergreen inadvertently packed the year before, and the heady aroma of old light strings all create a memorable perfume. Each carefully packed carton is a treasure trove of heirlooms and hand-me-downs: Great Grandmother’s ceramic bells and figurines, the han

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