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Design & Inspiration Today: reaching new heights

A W A R D S  N I G H T I N   T H E H E I G H T S

The Leader : Heights Banquet

Whimsical Heights Street Signs
created at our studio
by Steve Minatra & Angela DeWree
in true Heights Artisinal Style -  -
Every letter and element was carefully hand-cut
with care!  

It was a fun throwback craft project - and not the usual process for creating vinyl graphics - Created just for this annual awards night especially for the Houston Heights Association.

with Bill Baldwin HHA 2017-18 President  extraordinaire!
Shout-out to Keven Chenevert President's Award
Rising Star Award Danielle Stewart
Citizens of the Year Sharon Dearman & Heather Williams
Corporate Citizen of the Year The Leader

Marcella Perry Award Aaron Flores
Pioneer Award Bart Truxillo
Timeless Champion Award Jim Bennett & Angela DeWree

{ Heartfelt Gratitude to my Heights Neighbors & Friends  for this gracious honor }

Andrea …

design & inspiration today: happy everything


Design & Inspiration Today: fresh flowers

May your Valentines day be filled with fresh Design & Inspiration.