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Your Next Big Idea is Possible!

Is Your Tree A Champion?LIVING IN TANDEM WITH TREES IN THE HEIGHTS Heights Urban Forestry Day is Sunday • September 21st at the historic Heights FireStation By Heights Urban Forestry Day · Updated on Wednesday Heights Champion Tree designation by Denise Martin at 
1421 Columbia in the historic Houston Heights

Denise says: there are three live oaks in our easement, that we believe were all planted at the same time. Our house was built by Felix Munzenmeyer starting in Sept of 1910. He was a carpenter and built the house himself with the help of his siblings and other workers. He built on this lot bc one of his daughters was married to PL Borgstrum and lived 2 houses S of ours on Columbia. He passed in 1924 and from that date thru 1970 the house was a duplex. We do not know when the trees were planted, but assume sometime between 1912-24.
Tree  Harris County established the tree registry to encourage the p…

The best time to plant a Tree is 30 years ago... the nextt best time is Today • Heights Urban Forestry Day is Sunday, September 21st!

If you love our extraordinary Heights Trees & remarkable Urban canopy, participate in

Sponsored by The Houston Heights Association

Annual Heights Urban Forestry Day * Sunday September 21st • Historic Heights Fire Station 12th & Yale Street • Houston • Adopt your own 3 to 5 gallon native Tree & plants, courtesy of Trees for Houston • SIGN-UP: To Adopt Your Trees email with your full name and the
address where your trees will be planted.  Registration required. • 25 varieties of natives trees & plants from Trees for Houston. 300 - 400 will be distributed free to good homes!  • Register your Champion Tree On the Harris County Tree Registry.  • The new edition of the Harris County Tree Registry debuts in 2015.  • Get details to Preserve your Champion Tree with a special City of Houston Designation. • Ride or walk route to see Heights Champion Trees. The Heights Tree Trail App for iPhone debuts,       courtesy of t…