Heights Urban Forestry Day
is on
 Sunday, September 22
at the historic
Heights Fire Station
{ Pick-up Trees 8am to 2pm }

COUNTDOWN • Heights Urban Forestry Day • Sun Sept 22

Come on 2 feet or 4 wheels to Heights Urban Forest Day
Sign-up Today to pick out and pick-up your trees this Sunday
8am to 2pm.  Arrive early for best selection of Texas Native Trees.
Did You Know: Birds need thousands of caterpillars to raise their families each year. A Native Oak Tree supports more than 500 species of moths and butterflies. 
{ Non-native ornamentals support 29 times less biodiversity than do Native ornamentals.}

At http://bringingnaturehome.net/native-gardening/gardening-for-life, Dr. Tallamy's research shows that an oak tree may support more than 500 species of moths and butterflies. 
Birds need thousands of caterpillars to raise their families, each year. Alien ornamentals support 29 times less biodiversity than do native ornamentals.

THE BEST TIME TO PLANT A TREE IS 30 YEARS AGO & the next best time is on Heights Urban Forestry Day!
Look forward to your attendance on Sunday, September 22nd
so you can Learn about the Native Species pictured on the announcement, 
from the experts.

If you choose
to adopt a pair of trees, sign-up today
submit your name and address 
of the place you will plant Your trees.

On Sunday, September 22nd, you will learn from the arborists and urban forestry experts to help you  hand-pick your very own trees to plant in the right of way or anywhere in your yard.

Reserve Your trees today!

HHA Urban Forestry Committee

The Heights Association was awarded Apache Corporation's 2013 Gift of Trees.  It is an extraordinary honor to have been chosen.  The Heights urban canopy has the largest collection of mature trees in the Houston area.  Since 2005, the HHA Urban Forestry Committee has been committed to education about our remarkable urban forest and "Living in Tandem with Trees," with Tree Counts, partnerships, giveaways and tree plantings in our neighborhood.  
On Sunday, September 22nd from 8am to 2pm, at the Heights Fire Station at 12th & Yale Street, the HHA and Apache will distribute 300 native trees.  The Reagan ECO Club will be on hand to assist with your choice.  Trees may be planted in the row or on private property.  Don't miss this family friendly free day celebrating our Heights Urban Forest!