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design & inspiration today: Cool and Iconic design from Finland

Here's a Cool link from today's  CNN Style Page celebrating Finnish Style. It's a quick & fresh visual antidote  to Houston's searing Summer. ENJOY! CNN Style - Fashion, design, art, architecture and luxury

design & inspiration today: Shout-out for Pie

All American Fun was had by all at the 3rd Annual  Heights Great American Pie Contest  on Monday Night July 9th, 2018  at the Houston Heights Fire Station 2018 Great American Pie Contest Star Bakers! S A V O R Y 1st Maureen Demar Hall #8 2nd Kris O'Brien #14 3rd Peggy Coleman #1 S W E E T 1st Kelly Dalton #16 2nd Jane De Wree Mast #17 3rd Amy Alexander #12 Congratulations! Culinary Star Pie Judge Alli Jarrett Owner Harold's Restaurant & Tap Room with HHA rpesident Bill Baldwin 2nd Sweet - Jane De Wree Mast #17 with her family Jacob Mast, Brittany Kochis, and sister and  PIE CONTEST co-chair Angela DeWree 2nd place sweet Jane DeWree Mast Dewayne Ross PIE CONTEST  CO-CHAIR owner:  Wedding Bliss Events