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design & inspiration today: refresh • restore • how

As the world steps back take this time-out to refresh, re-think, re-imagine and find joy in the  urban forest around you Find joy by supporting the mission of  Heights Urban Forestry: LET’S GET THIS STARTED! Heights Urban Forestry 2020-2025 Planting Trees for Today & Tommorrow WHAT YOU CAN YOU DO NOW Talk a Walk in your local urban forest, tree lined boulevard, park or along your own street. When you see an amazing tree - send a photo and location to get posted on the Urban Forest facebook page.  Heights Urban Forestry • Living in Tandem with Trees @HoustonHeightsTrees submit to: / On your walks in the neighborhood, look for places in the ROW that would benefit with new trees. WHAT YOU CAN YOU DO NEXT Consider being a block captain for your neighborhood • look for places that would benefit with new trees  via email / social media / phone / text : • reach out to your neighbors