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design & inspiration today: Later, Steve

Hello & Good-bye  Steve Minatra

"Later, Steve" A collection of art on postcards sent to a few lucky people by the late great Steve Minatra:        an app created by Brock Henderson
Steve MinatraAtelier 97 DennisOur friend and colleague, Steve Minatra was a brilliant force of nature. He shared his unique & wonderful brand of artistic expression with each one of us everyday & in every way.At work Steve was the go-to guy for his clients, his team and on every project.  He arrived in his signature white van, which was upholstered in a fluorescent galaxy carpet and wall-papered in bumper stickers, magnets, and odes to popular culture. Steve cultivated a curated collection of tool kits, work buckets, and industrial travel cases filled with an unbelievable selection of every conceavable tool, tape, screw, adhesive, cleaners, zip ties, stretch wrap, bolts, wheels and wires. Steve had a knack for discovering impossibly amazing hardware to solv…

design & inspiration today : fresh beginnings start TODAY


design & inspiration today: happy may days

SHOUT-OUT of gratitude to all clients, friends and family  for your amazing thoughtful support of the D&I Studio -  You are the special ingredient that makes it happen!  thank-you

design & inspiration today : Paris at your fingertips

You can now visit the Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams exhibition online PAR MANON GARRIGUES17 AVRIL 2020 Dior is offering internet users a free virtual tour of its blockbuster exhibition Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams.

design & inspiration today: refresh • restore • how

As the world steps back
take this time-out
to refresh, re-think, re-imagine and find joy in the 
urban forest around you

Find joy by supporting the mission of 
Heights Urban Forestry:

LET’S GET THIS STARTED! Heights Urban Forestry 2020-2025 Planting Trees for Today & Tommorrow
WHAT YOU CAN YOU DO NOW Talk a Walk in your local urban forest, tree lined boulevard, park or along your own street.

When you see an amazing tree - send a photo and location to get posted on the Urban Forest facebook page. Heights Urban Forestry • Living in Tandem with Trees@HoustonHeightsTrees
submit to: /

On your walks in the neighborhood, look for places in the ROW that would benefit with new trees.

WHAT YOU CAN YOU DO NEXT Consider being a block captain for your neighborhood • look for places that would benefit with new trees  via email / social media / phone / text : • reach out to your neighbors  about planting a tree in their ROW • get a signed form from ea…

design & inspiration today: be inspired


imagine things as they can be design & inspiration makes it happen!

design & inspiration today: studio

Inspiration comes from many places - 'Studio' is the perfect name for an incubator of creativity and thoughtful creations.

Two iconic & great idea factories share the title of Studio - influencing ideas, crafts & our lives today.

Robert Morris ushered in the Arts & Crafts movement - 'The Studio' was a magazine that shared inspiring stories of the time.

Ray & Charles Eames Studio at 901 Washington Blvd, Venice Beach in Los Angeles created a dynamic place for fresh thinking - creating what we know today as "mid-century modern"

So, when asked why I use the term "Studio" -- now you know!

Victorian House of Arts & Crafts on Acorn TV

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For the 20th century French film magazine, see Studio magazine. The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art
Cover by Aubrey Beardsley for the first issue of The Studio EditorJoseph Gleeson WhiteCharles HolmeGeoffr…