Design & Inspiration Today : High Fives

Celebrating our annual founders day for Design & Inspiration
Thanks to our incredible clients for their gracious collaboration on amazing projects 
and the D&I team for brilliant creativity 
making our client's visions come true.

So high fives!  
As the fortune cookie said - 
"Imagine things as they can be" 
Design & Inspiration Makes it Happen!

design & Inspiration today : Stanley Marcus

Neiman-Marcus played a pivotal role in shaping my point-of-view and teaching me the value of craftsmanship and creativity.

I had the privilege of joining Neiman-Marcus when Stanley and his brother, Lawrence were at the helm.

Here's a great pictorial of the era of Neiman-Marcus when Stanley ruled fashion and defined luxury for the World.

Neiman-Marcus was intoxicating with talent, and an amazing place to absorb new experiences, make life-long friends and celebrate life. My experiences included the fashion office, as assistant to Joan Wilson, in Visual, learning paper and foamcore sculpture from Alan Schaefer, and everything fashion from Lee Stark.  And meeting the wonderful and bestie forever, Tony Longoria. In the Dallas headquarters and flagship, I was on the fashion floor in Visual department led by the incredible Pat Barker-- who taught me so much about style, substance and navigating the world of luxury through craftsmanship, sophistication and creativity, learning and nurtured by the most tasteful friend & mentor Perry Bentley, and incredible visual tricks of the trade by Jack Mothershead, hugely talented artisans and life long friend Steven Diaz my true bestie forever. Stanley Mayfield ruled the entire Visual Empire of all Neinam-Marcus locations.  I was privileged to participate in the production and installation of British Fortnight. Then in Bal Harbor with Chys Fisher, and meeting a bestie forever -- Mary-Claire Sharpe.  Neiman-Marcus was an extraordinary place filled with extraordinary people --magically & eternally in another place & time.


Another Great Article referencing Stanley Marcus from Texas Monthly:

Man of Style

Former Neiman Marcus fashion exec and fanatical antiques collector Derrill Osborn, at home in his Dallas apartment, where red and green reigns supreme.

Design & Inspiration: illuminating hospitality

In the 1930's, during the darkest time in modern history -- 

the original and visionary Ritz kept the lights on, 

as an optimistic gesture that prosperity was ahead for all.

For this recent wine dinner in New York, 

the chef honored the Ritz and the grand legacy 

of this illuminating gesture, 

with a menu from the original hotel, circa 1920's.  

Design & Inspiration was asked to create a unique menu concept

 by the Ritz-Carlton. 

Our studio created a custom lantern for each diner, 

thoughtfully designed 

 in honor of this landmark event.

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