The best time to plant a Tree is 30 years ago... the nextt best time is Today • Heights Urban Forestry Day is Sunday, September 21st!

If you love our extraordinary Heights Trees & remarkable Urban canopy, participate in

Sponsored by The Houston Heights Association

Annual Heights Urban Forestry Day * Sunday September 21st • Historic Heights Fire Station 12th & Yale Street • Houston
• Adopt your own 3 to 5 gallon native Tree & plants, courtesy of Trees for Houston
• SIGN-UP: To Adopt Your Trees email with your full name and the
address where your trees will be planted.  Registration required.
• 25 varieties of natives trees & plants from Trees for Houston. 300 - 400 will be distributed free to good homes! 
• Register your Champion Tree On the Harris County Tree Registry
• The new edition of the Harris County Tree Registry debuts in 2015. 
• Get details to Preserve your Champion Tree with a special City of Houston Designation.
• Ride or walk route to see Heights Champion Trees. The Heights Tree Trail App for iPhone debuts,       courtesy of the Texas Forestry Department - Houston
• Join the HHA Urban Forestry Team.To learn more : RSVP

Houston Heights Association • Trees for Houston • City of Houston Urban Forestry • Texas Forest Service and the Reagan High School Eco Club
8am to 2pm
Everyone is invited!


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