SACRED ROK • celebrating wild spaces and inspiring places

Vote for Ron Kauk of SACRED ROK--- an amazing program that introduces at risk youth to amazing natural spaces and inspiring places.

Sacred Rok is competing for a $25,000 "crowd sourcing" grant from The North Face<>.  This is a popularity contest and it is all done on FaceBook.

You need a Facebook account to vote.  You can vote once a day, and please vote every day until July 18.

1. Go to to vote. Bookmark this site so you can easily vote every day.

2. There are 10 nonprofits with little film clips.  Make sure to find the Sacred Rok video and click on VOTE.  (It is easy to accidentally vote for the wrong one.)

We will use the funds to continue taking kids from juvenile hall in Merced to Yosemite.  This is a unique partnership with Probation and a wonderful opportunity for these kids to get away to a healing environment.

Ron has been leading day trips twice a month for the past several years, and also going down every Tuesday to have lunch in the classroom at the juvenile hall this year.  He brings organic food for sandwiches for lunch.  They have built strong ongoing relationships and trust. Probation has integrated Sacred Rok into the curriculum and the kids have developed a website, Bear Creek Academy Mission I'mPossible, to share their experiences and what it means to them.

Ron also leads one camping trip for Probation kids each year.  The grant will allow us to continue this project and for a second camping trip, long enough that they can backpack. Probation will also get some better film and recording equipment for the kids to record their experiences, so they can do a video and/or book.

This is a big deal for Probation and these kids as well as for Ron and Sacred Rok.

We need everyone to vote for us – and please vote every day for the next month!

Thank you for your support!
Nancy Goodban, Board Chair<>
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