Thanksgivings in OAKURST

Happy Thanksgiving!
Nana & Papa lived in Oakurst
in a compound complete with a water pump, 
cabin, and sprawling home with a sun porch facing the beautiful Merced River.
Oakurst is beautiful and peaceful.
I give thanks for the marvelous holidays spent with my family, cousins, Aunt & Uncle and Nana & Papa.

by Marc Stirdivant
For years our family made an annual pilgrimage to Yosemite, driving through the tiny town of Oakhurst, Calif., about 14 miles from the entrance to the national park. We didn't stop, unless it was at Raley's market or to say hello to the talking bear in front of Ditton Realty, which, with a push of button, would (and still will) recite "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." But Oakhurst, as it happens, is worth more than a passing glance as you head up Highway 41. It has, in no particular order, a world-class inn, at least one superb French restaurant, some intriguing shops and what must be the largest collection of life-size, chain saw-carved wooden bears to be found, well, anywhere.,0,2668562.story#ixzz2lXCRwtre


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